Lunch: BLT Lettuce Wraps with Avocado

These BLT lettuce wraps with avocado are great because they’re healthy and super easy to make. Plus, who doesn’t like a BLT? You can make a batch of them at once to stuff in your family mem-bers’ lunch bags throughout the week or enjoy a stash for yourself. And like all the recipes on this site, all you need to make these wraps is just a few simple ingredients.


To make one of these wraps, you’ll need two iceberg lettuce wraps, two strips of cooked bacon, diced or sliced tomato (depending on your preference), and about a tablespoon of fresh avocado.

The Process

This is by far one of the easiest, healthiest, and yummiest lunch sandwiches you could possibly make. The best part being if you only want part of the ingredients you can store them separately and have a do it yourself lettuce wrap with some or all of the ingredients.

To create this delicious wrap, start by laying out an iceberg lettuce roll on top of a piece of parch-ment paper, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil. Next, take a tablespoon of fresh avocado and spread it along the roll (you can use less or more if you desire or even substitute the avocado for mayo, mus-tard, or a condiment of your choice!). Then, lay the two strips of bacon lengthwise on top of the avocado. The condiment will act as a sort of “glue” that holds the wrap together.

Next, add your sliced or diced tomato, place another piece of iceberg lettuce on top, and roll the whole thing up into the parchment paper, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil. To help keep the bacon and tomato from falling out of the wrap, you might even consider adding an extra layer of your condiment (avocado, mayo, or mustard). Pair with crispy veggie straws as a salty yet healthy snack for a lunch your whole family will appreciate.